– All sessions Include 40 min of Zerona Z6 Laser, Vibration Activities, & Percussor

*Financing Plans Available

Membership $135.00 per month and $155.00 a session.

What comes next?
Monthly Membership Plan

After completing a minimum of 8 treatments, we offer a membership option! You’ll be able to continue your treatments at a reduced rate. Membership is $47 per month on a month to month basis, no contract. Then your treatments are just $155 each visit, pay as you go, unlimited. However, there needs to be a minimum of 72 hours between each treatment. Subject to availability, first come / first served.

Our Recommendation...

We are frequently asked, ‘How many sessions will be needed?’ and, there is no simple answer.  Our Research and Experience confirms the statement:  ‘Everyone’s results are slightly different and unpredictable.  Some body types respond more quickly to Zerona Z6 while others experience fat reduction more slowly.’  And remember, there are no guarantees.  We have established a range of recommended sessions for different regions of your body.

Please note: your treatment plan includes supportive activities and following those activities influences your results.

Target Area

Recommended Sessions

Great Results:
Fantastic Results:
The area on your back, above the waist:
Each Region:
Skin Tightening
Lower Abdominal Area:

6 – 9 Sessions
12+ Sessions

6 -9 Sessions

9 – 12 Sessions

10 – 20 Sessions

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